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Rick Suhr on Jenn Suhr's illness: "It's kicking her pretty good."

Here's a transcript of some of Rick Suhr's remarks from early this afternoon. I spoke with Rick and Jenn in their hotel, a Marriott in Santo Cristo in the north part of the city.

"Well, it's kind of hard, about two days ago she started feeling a little funny. Then yesterday it started kicking in pretty good. I said, 'Jenn, you're sick,' and she was denying it. She won't admit she's sick, because if she admits she's sick, then she knows, 'Hey, I'm compromised.'

"So she was avoiding it until last night, when she said, 'Look, I'm not feeling too good.' So I immediately tried to figure out all the symptoms and everything. It looks respiratory. She can't breathe right. Her head's real congested, messed up, real stuffed up. But her breathing's really bad. It almost sounds like a pneumonia. It sounds like pneumonia in her lungs. So we started an antibiotic regimen immediately with the doctor that's down here with us."


Jenn Suhr at her hotel today. (Jerry Sullivan/Buffalo News)

"We have a doctor traveling with us, and we have USA doctors. Then we had other meds the USA doctors gave her to deal with the symptoms more. But we're hoping it's a bacterial thing and just like a respiratory infection .That's what we're hoping and we're hoping that the antibiotic does well.

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"But I don't know. It's kicking her pretty good. This morning she virtually lost her voice and she could barely talk.

"There's so many different things down here. They're telling me there's viruses in the water, which I've never heard of. A lot of stuff can get you sick fast here. I feel totally fine. But it's hard. Four years you work and work and work, and we did every precaution necessary not to get sick

"I mean, we're staying away from people. We're avoiding shaking hands. We're hand sanitizing all the time. We're so careful about what we eat. The majority of what we eat we brought with us. But sometimes, you just have some bad luck and you get hit with it. But we have to qualifying tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning.

"All of a sudden, a 15-foot bar looks awful high, because it's probably going to take 15 foot to qualify."

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