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Letter: ‘Never Trumpers’ ignore Republican constituents

‘Never Trumpers’ ignore Republican constituents

The American Revolution succeeded after a victory by the rebels in a shooting war that claimed thousands of patriot lives. This sacrifice was freely offered so that the rebels could live under a government that accorded them freedom to live on an equal footing with their countrymen, in direct contrast to the monarchy and nobility that defined England of 1776, and still does, to a degree, even today with the House of Lords.

The Republican “Never Trumpers” demonstrate that a cadre of voters still retain a hankering for the days of old when the privileged few could work their will on the “common folk.” Notwithstanding that an unprecedented number of primary voters cast their ballot for Trump, the “Never Trumpers” assert a claim to superior discrimination of presidential choice with the aim of “saving” the country from the electorate, a de-facto herd of intellectually deprived commoners. Not so fast, aristocrats. The people hold the trump card – a ballot.

Regarding the contention over the Second Amendment, it is worth noting that the purpose was to put citizens on an equal war footing with an administration that might act in defiance of the rights granted by the Constitution. Then it was musket versus musket. Today the citizenry, while it cannot begin to compete in an arms race, should at least be able to have unimpeded access to personal weaponry without restriction.

John Joyce


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