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Letter: Renewable energy is too unpredictable

Renewable energy is too unpredictable

As a very fortunate summer resident of Lyndonville on the shores of Lake Ontario, I applaud The News story that portrayed the ill effects of wind turbines and pointed out that a few will benefit financially from land leases presented by Apex Clean Energy Co.

I believe there are additional perspectives. I have witnessed firsthand the emotional impact that has taken place in our summer community. Residents are polarized on whether the turbines should be constructed. Families are split. Signs litter the county offering opinions of support or condemnation. Apex, on the other hand, which hails from Virginia, has been able to secure a few land leases and enormous tax dollars and will not have to live with the aftermath of a project that is truly taking a toll on a once serene farming community.

There are numerous hidden costs in renewable energies. A July 20 New York Times article notes that both Germany and Australia are having second thoughts about the benefits of wind power. Due to the complex interaction between nuclear plant operations, their future, and the time of day and season, renewables create unpredictable sources of energy. Having to supplement renewables with nuclear or coal plants creates an economic strain at every level. More study needs to take place before a project of this magnitude begins.

It is clear that renewable energy is fashionable and, to a very few, profitable. However, renewable energy is unpredictable and will need to be supplemented by other forms of energy. A costly project that is shouldered on the backs of an already broken community only offers a dismal reality built on false promises.

Frank Herstek, Ed.D.

Lyndonville and Buffalo

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