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Letter: New parking rules will hurt everyone

New parking rules will hurt everyone

My understanding is that Buffalo has decided to extend parking meters for three hours instead of two and strictly enforce the new rules by marking tires if more money is put in meters when they expire. Free parking will no longer be available beginning at 5 p.m. It will be free only after 9 p.m.

This will hurt businesses on Hertel Avenue because restaurant, movie theater and bar patrons will have to move their cars after three hours. What if you want to go to dinner after a matinee or an early evening movie? What if you want to walk to a bar or two after dinner at a restaurant on Hertel?

This will also hurt the tenants who rent apartments on the side streets and park on Hertel after 5 p.m. because now they’ll have no place to park until 9 p.m. Side streets will be more congested than ever, with people reluctant to give up their parking space, if they are lucky enough to get one. If more people coming to Hertel to patronize businesses are forced to park on the side streets, where are the residents going to park? And how can you justify charging a certain rent without offering side-street parking?

I think fewer people will patronize Hertel businesses and fewer will want to rent apartments on the side streets, which will lower property values. And fewer people will want to have shops on Hertel.

Theressa Johnson


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