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Letter: Calling Clinton a liar about emails is unfair

Calling Clinton a liar about emails is unfair

The Washington Post and many others continue to assert that Hillary Clinton lied about her emails. After watching FBI Director James Comey’s news conference twice and all 4½ hours of his interrogation by the House Oversight Committee, it is clear to me that he found no reason to believe she lied to the FBI.

The server was understood by Clinton and her staff to be used only for unclassified traffic, so there was no expectation that it would be used for any classified material.

Comey stated that there was no evidence of any intent by her to send such messages. He also confirmed that none of the messages later found to be classified were properly marked with the classification in the message header. Only three carried any indication of being classified in the body of the message. These were buried in email chains where it is likely neither she nor her staff saw them.

So when she stated that, to the best of her knowledge, there were no classified messages sent or received through her server, it was an accurate and reasonable assumption. The fact that the FBI was able to find 110 emails out of some 30,000 that others agreed were classified when she had no reason to believe they were there, does not, in all fairness, make her a liar.

Andrew R. Graham


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