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Boyfriend suspected of abusing 3-year-old twins

NIAGARA FALLS – Child Protective Services workers were summoned Saturday after 3-year-old twins showed up at Mount St. Mary’s Hospital with injuries allegedly caused by their mother’s boyfriend.

The mother, a 17th Street resident, told police she had been leaving her three young children with her boyfriend over the past week while she worked. On Thursday, she noticed the male twin had bruising around his chest and back, but initially blamed it on play, police said. But on Saturday – after being left with the boyfriend again – the boy had more extensive injuries across his body – including his head, jaw and penis – and his twin sister also was bruised on the buttocks.

The mother took the children to a hospital, and officials contacted police and the agency. An investigation is continuing.

The third child was staying with a relative and was not injured, police said.

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