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The Rev. Joe Rogliano: Great employees make dining out a pleasure

I’ve wanted to write this column for a long time now, but was never quite sure if it would make sense. So, here’s hoping it does.

Basically, it is a shout-out to all of the servers, bartenders and wait staffs who work in our amazing restaurants and pubs across Western New York.

One thing I have always said, whether it be a Sunday night, weekday or weekend: Buffalonians love to eat out.

Restaurants are generally busy at any given time. But it seems as though the more we move forward in our rebirth as a city, the more people venture out to dine in both new and established restaurants.

As someone who would rather be with people, even strangers – or, in our beloved city, I should say, “friends I haven’t met yet” – I find myself eating out, ahem, a few nights per week.

Over the years, I have lived in rectories where dinner was traditionally served at 5:30 p.m. That is great when there is a group of priests, or even two, but those situations are now few and far between. It’s sort of like traditional family dinners losing out to parents driving their children to soccer, baseball, dancing, etc.

The days of rectories with cooks are also becoming a thing of the past, and being stationed alone like I am, I would rather not eat by myself, especially dinner at the end of a long day.

For this Italian who lives to eat – don’t judge! – eating alone at home, with or without a cook, tends to make me overeat in 10 minutes or less.

So, gradually, I found myself driving here or there to eat out, which began my journey with the amazing staffs at our fantastic restaurants.

For the past several years, I have had the privilege of being stationed in North Buffalo, close to so many of these wonderful establishments. The owners and staffs have become like family to me. I am constantly struck by how professional and friendly our servers are.

I decided to write this column as a shout-out and thank you to them for making our restaurants and our dining experiences that much better.

As Buffalo celebrates its long-awaited renaissance, new restaurants keep popping up. We have always had so many choices of fine restaurants with great food, but as the new places keep opening and the long-established favorites continue to thrive, I think our dedicated restaurant staffs contribute greatly to our new lease on life.

So, I simply say thank you to our fantastic restaurateurs and their incredible employees. We need to take good care of you, because you take such good care of us. Our servers, bartenders and support staff give us even more reasons to be excited about Western New York at this wonderful time in our history. This revitalization is what we have all been hoping and praying for.

To be a part of a renewed sense of “Talking Proud” and to celebrate “One Buffalo” truly is an amazing thing.

Buffalo has the best folks waiting to serve us. They give us yet another reason to hold our heads high and beam about our city as we continue to move forward, celebrating our long-awaited and overdue rebirth.

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