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Letters to the Sports Editor (August 14)

A-Rod a bad fit for mentoring role

Call it pretentious − whatever. ... Glad to see him go, but how can anyone say A-Rod is a good fit for mentoring young players? Smells like an obvious bribe by Steinbrenner to get him out of the dugout but no one should use the words A-Rod and mentoring in the same sentence. It’s another example of the sanctimonious lingo of our politically correct times.

Hey, if John Wilkes Booth was alive he’d be teaching marksmanship at West Point. “He’s a great shot and the cadets really love him. …”

Phil Parshall


Stabler unqualified to be in Hall of Fame

I wholeheartedly agree with Tim Graham’s assessment of Ken Stabler making the Hall of Fame. This is a joke, and makes a mockery of the selection process. Look at how long it took Andre Reed to await enshrinement. The Hall has to do a better job of choosing candidates.

Kevin Naylor

Town of Tonawanda

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