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Letter: Trump is scrutinized because of comments

Trump is scrutinized because of comments

I would like to respond to the letter writer who was dismayed that the New York Times took the time to research Donald Trump’s draft status, but did not mention Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. The writer claims the research was one-sided mudslinging by the media.

I would like to remind him that Trump was the one who said Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because Trump liked people who weren’t captured. He also disrespected a Gold Star family.

I am a Vietnam War veteran and I could never vote for a coward like Trump. He got his first deferment because of a heel spur. The funny part is that at the same time, he said he excelled at sports. Trump also had several subsequent deferments. The heel spur then healed on its own. Go figure.

Charles Krathaus Jr.


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