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Letter: Neither Trump, Clinton is well-suited for the job

Neither Trump, Clinton is well-suited for the job

Donald Trump is the political equivalent of an athlete with “rabbit ears.” If you’re not into sports, the term is used to describe a player who is distracted by everything said about him on the field. If a player lets words get to him, he not only becomes ineffective, but guarantees even more baiting.

Trump, the rookie, not only hears everything, he has to respond with juvenile retorts like “Crooked Hillary,” “Little Marco,” or “Pocahontas” and then goes completely off message. Hillary Clinton, the old pro, lets nothing distract her. Whatever criticisms she receives in interviews are ignored, replying with her version of the incident and finishing her answer sounding like the end of a Miss America speech, wishing for universal peace. Or she just can’t remember.

Trump is a salesman and, like any good salesman, he can spot needs. And the American public needed an escape from the elites of both parties. Bernie Sanders stumbled into the race by just being there as the alternative on the left, but Trump knew the issues and in non-PC language, played them harder than the other 16 Republican candidates until he was the last person standing on the right. He had the message. If only he had just remained the messenger.

We can only dream, but wouldn’t it be great if both candidates decided that they wanted to spend more time with their families, stepped down and let their vice presidential candidates run for the top spot?

Dominic Verso


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