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Letter: Give local residents a say on Lighthouse Wind plan

Give local residents a say on Lighthouse Wind plan

I want to commend The News for bringing attention to the “Winds of discontent” blowing over my town as a result of the Lighthouse Wind industrial turbine proposal. This proposal is driving a wedge between neighbors and family members. I witnessed this when I went door to door in my successful write-in campaign for supervisor of the Town of Yates. I saw this with survey after survey in our region that consistently show a 2-to-1 ratio of opposition to the proposal to industrialize our rural agricultural environment. And I continue to witness a 4-to-1 ratio of formal letters in opposition to the proposal posted on the Department of Public Service’s public comment repository.

Allow me to highlight one aspect of our situation to which readers may relate – our loss of home rule. As The News article described, New York State Article 10 law stipulates that final decisions for the siting of large-scale energy projects are made by a siting board of which only two of seven members are from our local community. This law is antithetical to the American principle of subsidiarity, which calls for decisions affecting a local community to be made at the lowest level possible.

Will the DPS Siting Board recognize the fundamental right of the residents of Yates (and Somerset) to decide for ourselves how we will contribute to the noble goals of a cleaner environment and a sustainable future? I sure hope so.

Jim Simon

Supervisor, Town of Yates

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