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Letter: Brewery doesn’t belong at beautiful Knox Farm

Brewery doesn’t belong at beautiful Knox Farm

Reading the Aug. 2 News article, “Bid for brewery at Knox Farm,” was painful. Those who spend a good deal of their time at Knox Farm know the feeling. It’s our happy place to walk, bring your dog or ride your horse, and experience nature in this glorious park. To think a brewery is being considered is not in sync with what Knox Farm represents for everyone who visits.

What’s even more surprising is the way in which the state is handling the bidding process. Why was it such a surprise to those who sacrifice their free time volunteering at fundraising events and serving on boards to maintain its beautiful grounds and buildings? Why was there only one bid, and from someone who officials have been in talks with about this brewery idea?

The “red flags” leave many unanswered questions. Why wouldn’t the state sit down with those who so unselfishly spend hundreds of hours a year raising monies to restore the buildings and grounds to find out what they would suggest to help maintain Knox Farm for the enjoyment of thousands of Western New Yorkers who choose to visit?

Kathy Hall-Zientek

East Aurora

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