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Amherst church’s breakfast food truck helping feed needy

An Eggertsville church has started a food truck that turns purchases into breakfast meals for needy families.

Daily Bread is open for business on weekends in front of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4007 Main St., Amherst. The truck sells dishes like a breakfast bowl with fried potatoes, chorizo, scrambled or fried eggs, spicy crema and cilantro, crepes stuffed with cannoli filling ($7), or quiche of the day ($8).

For every meal sold, a token good for a similar meal will be given to a needy family, said Pastor Steve Biegner. (The truck also sells smaller items, like cinnamon rolls ($2) and coffee ($1), which do not qualify.)

The donations go to families at nearby Windermere Elementary School, where 40 percent of students qualify for the federal free lunch program, Biegner said. School officials who oversee eligibility will be distributing the tokens to qualifying families once school resumes in September.

The church purchased the truck and related equipment with donations, and runs it mostly with volunteers, practically eliminating overhead, Biegner said.

“Our price pays for minimal staff, food cost, and then we should be able to provide an equivalent meal for someone who will be coming to the truck later on.”

A dry erase board next to the truck allows customers to make a checkmark after their purchase, notching one more meal generated by the church’s efforts. Last Sunday, there were more than 50 checkmarks.

“After three weekends, we’re up around 240 meals that have been purchased,” he said Monday, “so we can really make an impact right away in the fall.”

Food is prepared in the church’s kitchen and finished to order on the truck out front. The project is a ministry of the church.

The church plans to operate the truck at St. Paul’s through September, 8 a.m. to noon, Saturdays and Sundays. Biegner said the church will then figure out plans for next summer.

Part of the impetus for the project is the lack of a coffee shop in Eggertsville, Biegner said. “We wanted to create a place for the summer where people from the neighborhood could hang out and talk. On Sunday mornings you’ve got Lutherans and Catholics from (St. Benedict’s) across the street, plus people from the neighborhood, just hanging out having breakfast together. It’s great.”

Find out more at or the truck’s Facebook page.


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