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Letter: State needs to ensure safe staffing in hospitals

State needs to ensure safe staffing in hospitals

Hospitals do not meet our needs when ER wait times are too long and there are too many infections and complications. It is no coincidence that these problems exist in a chronically short-staffed hospital system. For more than 10 years, nurses have been promoting the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, opposed by hospital associations.

They cite their own staffing standards, not disclosing that they do not follow their own standards. They claim it would be an unfunded mandate, not acknowledging the financial hits they will take for failing mandated quality measures. They point to each facility’s populations as so unique that general standards cannot be workable. The research clearly contradicts this.

We need the safe staffing bill to become law. Please contact your legislators to urge its passage in the fall session.

Carlene Boisaubin, R.N.


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