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Letter: It’s a mistake to replace historic Chautauqua Amp

It’s a mistake to replace historic Chautauqua Amp

I am in agreement with others who believe the historic Chautauqua Amphitheater should be preserved. I see no purpose for a replacement. Putting in a few more seats appears to be one reason. The other is that repairs are needed, but those can be made.

Although the new theater is to be a replica of the original, there is nothing like the “real McCoy.” Preserving history so it can be experienced is satisfying both spiritually and intellectually. Retaining the Amp adds to the Chautauqua Institute’s aura of a certain time period, along with the old hotel, other structures and homes on the grounds.

Furthermore, we have enough waste thrown into landfills. Why add more? We are trashing a unique architectural treasure and a piece of history, erected proudly by skilled craftsmen for their guests and for the ages.

Judy Catalano


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