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25-cent lemonade stand raises more than $600 for sick girl

They came with quarters, and with 50 dollar bills to the little lemonade stand on Warren Avenue in West Seneca.

Three children were manning the stand and raising money for a sick girl in Virginia after their mother decided they needed to learn first hand how lucky they are.

And Disney Schunk, 6, her brother Jace, 3, and their cousin Johnathan Dearing, 6, with a little technical assistance from their mother and grandparents, raised more than $600 at the lemonade stand on Sunday.

The money will go to Sawyer Perkins, a 6-year-old they never met who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She’s the daughter of a childhood friend of Heather Schunk, and is in St. Jude Hospital. Jamie Perkins and Heather grew up together in West Seneca.

“I just wanted to do something to help,” said Heather Schunk, the mother of Disney and Jace and Johnathan’s aunt.

Photo gallery of the lemonade stand

She also wanted her children to learn compassion and empathy. They called Sawyer “Super Sawyer,” and decorated the stand with pictures of her. They also helped pick out presents for her, a lemonade stand Barbie and a Shopkins doll with a lemonade stand.

After learning about the stand in The Buffalo News and on social media, cars lined up in front of the stand, at the Warren Avenue home of the children’s grandparents, Bill and Charlene Zawieruszynski, throughout the day Sunday. Several restaurants provided pizza, a bakery donated cupcakes and a donut store provided donuts.

“We gave it to everybody who was coming in. We set out tables with folding chairs. People were coming in hanging out, just like a party,” Schunk said. “It was really, really amazing.”

Jamie Perkins texted her thanks and encouragement throughout the day.

Even after the stand shut down about 5 p.m. Sunday, cars came by, and Schunk said they were running glasses of lemonade out to cars until 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. Someone stopped by Tuesday and gave money.

And at the end of the day Sunday, her children “were done, snoring dead tired,” Schunk said.

It’s not as much as has been raised for the Perkins family through a GoFundMe page, but it will help a family going through a tough time.

The Schunks put out another sign this week: “Thank you for all your donations for Super Sawyer.”


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