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Power Take: Tebow’s move to baseball will make waves, not hits

Tim Tebow is doing what he does better than any other failed athlete who hasn’t broken the law: He’s making headlines. The former NFL quarterback invited all 30 teams in Major League Baseball to watch him work out next month. He managed to orchestrate his own tryout.

Tebow was a special athlete blessed with size and speed. He could have made a living in the NFL as a tight end. But he hasn’t played competitive baseball since 2005, when he was a high school junior. You don’t just grab a bat after 11 years and starting pounding 92 mph fastballs and 87 mph sliders.

That’s what he’ll get these days – in the minor leagues. If he signs a contract, he’ll find most pitchers that were better than anyone he faced in high school. Meanwhile, he hasn’t improved. In fact, having not played in more than a decade, his skills likely diminished.

Some believe Tebow picked the wrong sport when he chose football over baseball after high school. Having watched him play quarterback, I agree. But he’s certain to have his legion of followers supporting him. Love him or hate him, fans will watch him. They always do.

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