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Letter: Sharing quality time isn’t just for Sundays

Sharing quality time isn’t just for Sundays

In response to the letter regarding church on Sunday and promoting family values, I believe that those who agree need to turn off “Father Knows Best,” put out their Lucky Strike cigarette and listen.

I do not deny that families should base their morals and values around God. I don’t believe, however, that it can only be done on a Sunday in church. One day isn’t enough to instill family values into our children; seven days a week should cover it. Devoting one day a week to God and expecting the church to influence your children alone isn’t enough. It should come from the parents having a day-to-day relationship with God and inspiring their children to have one as well.

I also don’t agree that having a sports game on a Sunday is a bad thing. Most coaches do not schedule during church hours and it’s a wonderful family gathering to attend after church. Both parents are more likely to attend. Were you ever a child whose parents couldn’t attend your game because they had to work?

I don’t disagree that children need to incorporate God and family values in their lives, I just think the writer’s solution is a little outdated. Children need an everyday relationship (not religion) with God, parents to teach them right and wrong, and daily time unconnected from technology and reconnected with family to bond.

I personally feel sit-down family dinners are best, however, it’s whatever works in your family. This world can be a violent place at times, but just a little daily time with our children can go further than you think.

Valerie Murdock


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