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Letter: City should equip officers with best weapons possible

City should equip officers with best weapons possible

In regard to putting rifles in patrol cars, let’s ask a simple question: Do you want to be protected? If your answer is yes, then all officers should be entitled to be equipped with the best possible weapons available. It’s not like these men and women are thrown into a uniform and patrol car and told to go get the bad guys. These people are dedicated professionals who are trained beyond parallel. To not afford them what is needed in today’s world is nothing short of absurd. They are there to protect you and, yes, themselves.

I have to wonder how many people could even muster up the courageous attributes these brave people display every minute of every day. On duty or off, they should be able to be armed. The world has changed. It’s time to stop living in the past and join the ranks of today. Remember, police officers are members of society just like the rest of us. They want their families protected just like you and I. It’s about time common sense takes the place of any type of interference.

Mark Neupert


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