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Letter: Trump’s callous remarks defy rational explanation

Trump’s callous remarks defy rational explanation

Exaggerations, lies, half-truths, misleading statements and oversimplifications are intrinsic to all political campaigns. These expressions are used to emphasize and support a candidate’s positions or to denigrate those of his or her opponents.

Then there are statements that defy any rational explanation. Reference is to two remarks made by Donald Trump. One is his criticism of Sen. John McCain. Trump said that he respected military personnel who were not captured to those who were. Does that mean having a desk job in the Pentagon deserves more respect than having been a front-line soldier? The other remark deals with comparing the sacrifice represented by the death of Capt. Humayun Khan with performing business tasks.

Trump was able to avoid service in Vietnam along with most others in his socioeconomic class. Perhaps that and how he avoided service bother him in retrospect.

Hans G. Reif

World War II combat vet


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