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Letter: Many residents support clean, renewable energy

Many residents support clean, renewable energy

I read with interest The News article, “Winds of discontent,” and particularly John Riggi’s statement, “We’re in the fight of our lives here,” worried over ruining the “character” of the area.

I am extremely disappointed that my comments and other Lighthouse Wind supporter comments were not included to balance the article. Let it be known that many of us see a larger fight going on here that is being stalled by very selfish squeaky wheels who would reject any necessary change that would bring economic vitality to our home, but even more importantly, lead us toward a future of clean energy produced on American soil. That is the fight of our lives.

Most noticeably absent in the story were the comments by a supporter who grew up amidst Pennsylvania coal mines that stripped the area of its mountaintops, its beauty and its health.

If we do not embrace the future and new technologies that are much more advanced than the opposition will make you think, then we will continue to languish economically, and our health, well-being and national security will be at risk.

I encourage all readers to do their own research; I am confident they will join in my enthusiasm for the opportunity to produce clean, renewable energy in our Western New York community.

Howard Pierce


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