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Letter: Destroying Amherst trees to ease paving is unethical

Destroying Amherst trees to ease paving is unethical

I am writing this letter to address the cutting back of dozens of trees on Campus Drive and Campus West in Amherst. The streets are being paved and the town made the unethical decision to hack off branches on dozens of trees from Main Street all the way down to Sheridan Drive, including Campus West. It was stated, “The trees would have interfered with the equipment that does the paving job.”

Not since Oct. 12, 2006, has there been such devastation to the once beautiful looking trees along these two streets. To think that this time it was man-made leaves us speechless. To compound a bad situation, with the weather conditions we are having this summer, all these trees are now in shock and the lack of water will surely kill off some of them.

I asked an arborist to take a look at the trees and he said that it was obvious that time was not spent on trimming the trees minimally so that the growth rate would not be as prolonged as it will now be. We’re looking at years before we see any true growth in these mangled-looking trees.

I invite our elected town officials to take a drive down Campus Drive and Campus West and take a look at what has been done with our hard-earned tax dollars for the lame excuse that “it will make the paving job easier.”

Joanne Chittenden


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