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Letters to the Sports Editor (August 7)

Tyrod contract talks best be put on hold

The Buffalo Bills would be wise to hold off signing quarterback Tyrod Taylor until after this season; it may be a win-win for all parties concerned.

If Taylor plays lights-out football all season and leads the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 16 years, the guy would become the biggest hero that this sports town has owned in many a year. Taylor would be able to bargain for one of the largest payouts ever in the history of Buffalo sports.

Of course, if the Bills are not successful and miss out in making the playoffs, there is finally closure in no longer considering Taylor a possible “franchise quarterback” for the Buffalo Bills. That will mean that the team was smart enough to hold off on extending a contract.

As a long-time (mostly suffering) Bills fan going back to the AFL championship days, my main desire is to see Taylor produce and take the league by storm. But, until that happens, the two parties involved should plan the contract negotiation meeting until after the season, not before it (or during it).

Jim Antes


Training camp setting a bleak tone

A player wearing a hoodie to sneak candy during practice. Vulgar music blaring for children and families in attendance. No, this wasn’t at an area high school’s summer football practice, but at St. John Fisher, the summer home for our Buffalo Bills. These are perfect examples of the lack of leadership (from the owners down to reserve players) that has made the Bills the most consistent losing franchise in sports.

The only laughs coming louder than from the Bills’ opponents this year should be heard from Jon Bon Jovi, who had the fortune of being outbid for a franchise whose future looks about as bright as the 80’s rocker’s next album. 6-10, anyone?

Anthony Pasceri

North Tonawanda

Talley columns a welcomed addition

What a great column by Janine Talley in Sunday’s newspaper. Her columns are always interesting and insightful. Keep up the good work and keep them coming.

Doug Hayes

Niagara Falls

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