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Letter: Trump tackling issues on many voters’ minds

Trump tackling issues on many voters’ minds

I was surprised to see a medical doctor residing in a diverse city like Buffalo describe black and brown people as having “funny colored skin.” But there’s more.

His straw man argument about Donald J. Trump is not persuasive. If I were to indulge the doctor, and imagine Trump as a child in a classroom setting, I would come away with a far different image. I would see an energetic, attentive and wickedly smart student, whose parents put him to the task of learning, doing his homework and getting ahead. So smart and so ambitious that he might even become a doctor.

Partisans who can’t or won’t argue the salient points usually resort to name-calling, vitriol and negativity. The depiction of Trump as an unruly kid belies his accomplishments as an adult. He is a hugely successful entrepreneur, a Wharton graduate, a devoted husband and loving father of five highly educated and talented children.

He has brought to the fore issues that are on everyone’s minds: illegal immigration, health care, national and domestic security. He is a strong advocate of law enforcement, and is not afraid of the mainstream media. What appeals to average, working-class voters must gall doctrinaire elites. Ad hominem attacks instead of discussing the issues seem to be their only weapon. This fanciful yarn was too much to stomach.

William E. Leggiero Jr.


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