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Letter: Protecting our borders should be No. 1 priority

Protecting our borders should be No. 1 priority

Now that their convention is over, the Democrats and their media allies are ecstatic that Hillary Clinton is one step closer to becoming president. The rest of us have good reason to be very worried.

Regardless of what one thinks about Donald Trump, he was right when he characterized Clinton as the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency. Yet, even though her supporters know this, they are going to vote for her anyway. No matter how often she is exposed as being dishonest and corrupt, she is their girl.

The most frightening aspect of her campaign is that she is still proclaiming that she will drastically increase the number of Syrian refugees into the United States. Meanwhile, in Europe, Catholic priests are getting their heads chopped off, innocents are being mowed over by trucks and concertgoers are being shot in nightclubs. The one thing all these victims have in common is that they were killed by immigrants from the Middle East.

Those who support open borders keep claiming that the United States has a rigorous vetting process to weed out radicals. I’m sure that is the same lie the dead Europeans were told by their leaders. Anyone who has ever had any dealings with government bureaucracies knows full well that they are almost always dysfunctional. If Clinton gets her way, she will let in immigrants who hate our country and are willing to kill in the name of their religion.

There are many reasons not to vote for either candidate, but if only for his immigration policies, Trump is going to get mine. The protection of our borders and the lives of all Americans should be the No. 1 priority of every candidate. At least Trump is smart enough to know this.

Joseph P. Fahey


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