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Letter: Project will kill wildlife, destroy pristine lakefront

Project will kill wildlife, destroy pristine lakefront

This letter is in response to the July 31 News article regarding the proposed Lighthouse Wind project in Yates and Somerset. Opposition to the project is not based on a “Not In My Back Yard” attitude but rather on facts.

The southern shoreline of Lake Ontario is a major migratory route for eagles, hawks and bats. Thousands of birds and tens of thousands of bats will be killed by these turbines. The blade tips move at speeds of 200 mph. Raptors in flight look downward for prey, not to see what is ahead of them. The American Bird Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agree this is one of the worst locations for a wind turbine facility due to the severe impact these turbines will have on migratory and resident birds. Bats serve an irreplaceable function in elimination of insects and pollination of plants. Reduction in the bat population will result in great damage to the main industry in the area, agriculture.

Picture 70 wind turbines, each turbine higher than the Washington Monument, placed along Route 18, a designated scenic highway. The pristine beauty of this area will be destroyed. Lakeside property values will plummet, especially those properties affected by light flicker and noise from turbines.

The Erie, Niagara and Orleans County Legislatures, State Sen. Robert Ortt and more than 60 percent of the residents of Yates and Somerset have voiced opposition to this project due to the severe adverse consequences. I urge everyone to get the correct facts.

Steve Royce


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