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Power Take: Short-term deal for Taylor makes sense

According to CBS Sports, the Bills were working on a contract extension for Tyrod Taylor that would add two years and $30 million to his current deal. It was news to Taylor, who said he hadn’t spoken to his agent since training camp began. But that didn’t mean the report was wrong.

The short term works for the Bills because they would have a larger sample size in which to evaluate Taylor. It works for Taylor because the guaranteed money in an extension would protect him if he struggled this season.

Taylor should take comfort knowing his value will skyrocket if he plays well under the extension. It would give him more leverage at the bargaining table in less time. Quarterback salaries will continue to soar. He could end up making much more money in the end.

The Bills made the right call when they refused to give him a long-term deal after one mediocre season. Nothing has changed since 2015. A short-term extension buys time for both sides. It’s the smartest option. It could be the only one.

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