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Letter: It’s disheartening to see donation resold for profit

It’s disheartening to see donation resold for profit

I often frequent a little vintage/antique place in Buffalo. I am grateful for this place because I love vintage and since I have my own business and family and life, I do not have time to search out garage sales and so on for that unique “find.”

However, as a business owner and as a consumer, I acknowledge that a code of ethics should exist in every field. Every day we have to make decisions that keep us within those codes. Sometimes it means losing an opportunity or having to go the long way around to reach a goal.

So imagine my heartbreak when I walked into this store and found the four dining chairs I had left the day before at St. Vincent de Paul being sold for $150. How much did it cost to purchase them secondhand? Perhaps $10 each? Chairs, mind you, that had been purchased at a local department store brand new at $35 each.

I have had hard times in my life and I know what it is to use cardboard boxes for a dresser and have no kitchen chair. Sometimes $10 is a sacrifice to obtain. I gave those chairs with enthusiasm, hoping St. Vincent would make a little money and that someone could walk into her kitchen and feel a little good that day. You took away my opportunity to show my gratitude and give someone a smile.

Karma is a heavy thing. What you did was unethical and selfish. I will not be returning to your store.

Christina Vieira


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