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Power Take: Battle by women athletes isn’t over yet

It’s been dubbed “The Title IX Olympics” by some thanks to the numbers. For the second time, the United States Summer Olympic delegation contains more female athletes (292) than male athletes (263). Compare that to 1972, the year Title IX was passed by Congress, when only 90 of America’s 428 athletes at the Munich Games were women.

The current generation of female Olympians grew up where women playing sports was the norm. Ho-hum for a majority of the population but for those a generation earlier who lived on hand-me-downs, patronizing gym time and the derisive use of the moniker “tomboy,” this is nothing short of fantastical.

When given the opportunity – real opportunity with funding, quality coaching and access to training – America’s female athletes excel. In 2012 women won 63 percent (29 of 46) of America’s gold medals and 56 percent (58 of 103) of Team USA’s total medals.

Gender inequity still exists. Yes, it’s a golden age for American female Olympians and their platform allows for existing inequities to be showcased with their talent.

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