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Letter: Trump, not Obama is snake oil salesman

Trump, not Obama is snake oil salesman

Smoke and mirrors? Snake oil salesman? It seems to me that a July 30 letter writer was referring to his own candidate, the Wizard of Trump, rather than President Obama.

Apparently there is nothing Donald Trump can say that will change the minds of his voters, no matter how many times his statements are rated false, or even “pants on fire!” by bipartisan fact checkers such as PolitiFact.

I recommend that everyone read Jerry Zremski’s column in the same day’s News. It includes a chart showing the percentage of factual accuracy for statements made by both candidates. It also lists the bipartisan websites where you can check your “facts.”

Our national security is at stake, so before you bring up Benghazi again, fact check this information:

Number of U.S. embassy attacks during the George W. Bush years: 13, resulting in at least 60 deaths.

Number of Clinton emails deleted: 30,000.

Number of emails deleted by the Bush administration: 22 million.

Please do not let our future rest in the hands of a snake oil salesman! Take the time to fact check a claim before you repeat it.

Joan Spillman


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