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Letter: Bill Clinton behaved far worse than Trump

Bill Clinton behaved far worse than Trump

In a recent letter, “Child would be disciplined for behaving as Trump does,” the writer questions why Donald Trump’s behavior is acceptable when a second-grader would be disciplined for the same behavior. A man seeking the highest office in our land should be kind, polite and honest. He should definitely be “politically correct” and “more presidential.”

Maybe the writer is too young, or has forgotten when Bill Clinton was president. I was horrified during the Monica Lewinsky scandal because I had two teenage daughters. I was ashamed that our president behaved in this brazen manner. At the time, I remember wondering what I was going to tell my daughters about this situation.

There is right and wrong in the world. Our president should be someone to look up to. Someone who depicts “correctness” above all else. If our president acted in such a scandalous manner, what was right and wrong anymore? How was I going to explain that our president was disrespectful toward others, had cheated, had lied and then never got punished for it? He was impeached, but still our president.

So, since we’ve all been through the most indecent of presidential manners, I think a little “unpolitical correctness” is pretty low on the list of questionable “presidential behaviors.”

Beth Herman


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