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City Hallways Feature: The week that just was (Aug. 1 to Aug. 5)

In  the news business, we refer to the August doldrums, since it's generally a slow news month. With the city council, city planning board and city zoning board taking the month off,  things have slowed down in City Hall. But there's still plenty happening in these City Hallways.

Going beyond the pledge: BPO signs Mayor Brown's Opportunity Pledge and announces it's forming its own Diversity Committee that will,  among other things, aim to increase the number  of minorities musicians  in the orchestra.

Pay up: City's putting more parking meters in Hertel commercial districts, and also extending hours they are operating  to encourage  more turnover on the streets. Also offering three-hour parking in front of and hear North Park Theatre.

Mascia Update: Joe Mascia back in court, where his lawyer, Steve Cohen, argued Mascia's racist talk was not grounds for what Cohen labeled an unconstitutional ouster from the BMHA board by Mayor Brown. Judge reserved decision.

Gates Circle News: People Inc. is planning apartment complex  for low-income seniors at Gates Circle.

Gentrification: Rally in Fruit Belt, where residents fear rising rents will force them out of their homes, and are pushing for city support of a land trust.

Should they stay or  should  they go?: City Hallways polls asks readers to vote on the Main Street medians.
Are they traffic hazards that  need to be removed, or traffic  safety measures which should stay.
The polls is open  until  midnight, so  vote if you haven't  already.
[poll id="42"]

Main Street median near Hertel.

Main Street median near Hertel.

Poll results to be  announced in Monday's City Hallways.

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