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Letter: Pols have no intention of repealing SAFE Act

Pols have no intention of repealing SAFE Act

Every time I go by a “Repeal the SAFE Act” sign, I still have to chuckle. The law was approved by a large bipartisan margin in both houses of the State Legislature and signed into law in January 2013.

Since that time, there have been a dozen or so feel-good measures introduced to repeal or amend the act, filed to appeal to the state’s vocal gun-owning minority. None ever moved out of committee.

Two years ago, many Republican candidates signed pledges vowing that they would repeal the SAFE Act if re-elected; many voters believed those promises. Here we are again, two years later, and these same candidates are running for re-election making the same promises.

Some legislators spend more time talking about repeal on the campaign trail than they do in the Legislature. The Legislature has adjourned for another year without even considering SAFE Act repeal or amendment.

State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan candidly acknowledged that repeal is done. “I think on a very practical level most people don’t believe the SAFE Act is going to be repealed.”

Local gun advocates continue to talk about the law’s constitutionality; they show up in courtrooms whenever there is a gun case. However, federal courts have continuously upheld the law and the Supreme Court has refused to hear appeals. Court challenges to the manner of passage (message of necessity) have also been upheld by the courts.

Another year has passed, so do us all a favor. Take down the signs; plant some flowers.

Rick Fuller

West Seneca

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