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City Hallways (Aug. 4) Movies at the North Park Theatre vs. parking changes on Hertel

From Grand Island with love

The subject line said "FYI, movies at North Park need more time than two hours."

A Grand Island resident just read an article about Hertel Avenue business district parking and the city's plans to expand metered parking and extend it to 9 p.m., retaining the two-hour limits.

At the time, the article made no mention of the North Park Theatre, only about the city's efforts to discourage motorists from parking all evening and into the night in one Hertel Avenue parking spot.

"Most regrettably," the Grand Island man wrote,  "I have stopped going the the North Park theater because two hours is not enough time to arrive, park and see most movies. I can no longer risk a parking ticket to see a movie!  My wife walks slowly with a cane requiring even more time, but the problem is true for anyone."

A short time later, I ran into Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto in City Hall, and recounted the man's concerns.

Feroleto said he's heard similar complaints from other moviegoers. And, it turns out, the city's Hertel Avenue parking plans includes extending parking to three hours in front of the theater and one block in either direction, Feroloto said.

I updated the article to include that information, and also emailed the Grand Island man back with the new information.

"Thank you so much for informing us!" he responded. "We, like others, love the North Park and cinema they offer. We will plan our return to our preferred venue!"

Money Matters - Day 3:  Looking at recent campaign filing reports

On to the Fillmore District, where Councilman David Franczyk started the year with $4,512 in his  campaign account, according to state election board records.

He received $4,172 in contributions over the past six months, records filed in July show, including $250 each from Mark and Charlie Goldman, owner and operator of the Allen Street Hardware cafe. The restaurant/bar, which is in Franczyk's  district, recently applied for a dance permit that is now before the Council.

Franczyk spent $3,060 over the past six months, with the biggest expense a fundraiser held in June, costing $1,980.

Franczyk has $5,624 remaining.

City Hallways poll: The Main Street medians

Main Street median near Hertel.

Main Street median near Hertel.

During a recent meeting, some residents argued the medians are a hazard and eyesore. Cars run into them, and trucks run over them.  It's hard to keep plants in them healthy because there's no irrigation in the medians. They want them removed.

Others argue the opposite: These medians are safety tools. Better to hit the medians than pedestrians. And the medians add to the overall aesthetic appeal of Main Street, their supporters argue. They want them to stay.

This week's poll question is:

[poll id="42"]

 And if you have any comments on the issue, just send me an  email or message me on Facebook or Twitter. (I've been getting some really good comments all week from readers, so  please, don't  be shy: Send me your ideas.)

As always, poll will be up all week and results posted Monday.

And only one vote per person, please.

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