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Buscaglia, Paul to premiere next month; Woodard will miss snow days

Notes left on the cutting room floor:

Inquiring minds want to know: When does Joe Buscaglia start being the weekday sports anchor at Channel 7?

It won’t happen on a consistent basis until Sept.5 even though Shawn Stepner is leaving the Channel 7 sports department next week to take a job at WMAR-TV in Baltimore.

Until then, Buscaglia will be pretty busy covering the Buffalo Bills training camp and Bills news after training camp ends Aug. 22. He’ll occasionally anchor sportscasts from St. John Fisher College, where the Bills train. But weekend sports anchor Nick Filipowski and sports department newcomer Matt Bove – who is moving from the morning program to sports – are expected to do most of the anchoring from the news desk on weekdays until Sept. 5.

The things that former Channel 2 News Director Jeff Woodard will miss now that he is working at Fredonia State College may surprise viewers.

“I’m not sure how I will react to the first big snow storm,” said Woodard in an interview. “There was something exhilarating about getting up at 5:30 a.m., packing an overnight bag just in case, hopping on the 4wheel drive and going in when no one else is supposed to be on the road knowing that the next few hours, or all morning if it is big enough, we will be informing you on what is going on.”

He’ll also miss the criticism that is inevitable with running a news department.

“I’ll miss politicians calling up and complaining,” said Woodard. “All of them do eventually. You get calls on both sides complaining about the same story.”

Why would he miss that?

“It is bizarre,” said Woodard. “You’re trying to call balls and strikes the best you can and telling people what’s going on as objectivity as possible and people don’t believe that.”

This political season, just about everything is hard to believe.

Remember Shawne Merriman, the former Buffalo Bills linebacker? You’re forgiven if you don’t since he was injured for most of his stay here. In any event, he is the guest star at 9 p.m. Tuesday on Bounce TV’s sitcom “In the Cut.” Bounce refers to itself as “the fastest-growing African-American network on television.”  It is a digital over-the-area station carried locally on 23.2.

Here’s an edited synopsis of the episode titled “Groundhog Day.”  “Barbershop owner Jay (Dorien Wilson) finds himself repeatedly living the same September day, using the opportunity to alter his daily interactions for the good of himself and those around him. Shawne Merriman (retired NFL linebacker) guest stars.”

Inquiring minds want to know? Now that a picture of Don Paul with his new Channel 7 weather teammates is on social media, when does he start at the station? He makes his WKBW-TV premiere at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on the Sunday after Labor Day. That's also the day of the Bills season opener.


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