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Letter: New York no longer needs energy from nuclear plants

New York no longer needs energy from nuclear plants

New York State is a leader in the energy revolution and has made significant progress in advancing renewable energy to address the climate crisis. However, the recent proposal by the Public Service Commission on the Clean Energy Standard incorporates nuclear energy with an estimated $8 billion subsidy to the nuclear industry to keep uneconomical Ginna and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants open.

New York Independent System Operator, the group responsible for meeting state energy needs, has publicly stated we do not need the energy from nuclear plants. Nuclear is also not clean: the extraction process produces over a billion pounds of radioactive mining waste per reactor each year! New York State plants use hundreds of millions of gallons of fresh water daily, causing thermal and radioactive pollution.

Those of us who live within 30 miles of the West Valley Nuclear Waste Site, which still has not seen a full cleanup in 40 years, know we cannot manage the waste. In fact, we do not even know what to do with it over the millions of years’ lifespan that will be required.

Other states are closing their nuclear plants and using their resources to move forward into the renewable energy future. Say no to the nuclear bailout recently proposed by the PSC. Just think of how many homes could be weatherized and how much renewable energy could be produced for those billions of dollars.

Larry V. Snider

Sierra Club Treasurer


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