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Letter: It’s fantastic to see downtown’s revival

It’s fantastic to see downtown’s revival

Talk about being blown away. I took the subway with my son downtown the other day. He had raved about all the new things in the canal area. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember when virtually every other business had barred or iron gates signifying the utter demise of downtown Buffalo.

What I witnessed was truly mind-boggling. I remember being a young boy taking the 8 Main bus downtown to see a movie or play some pool at Gerrin’s pool hall. And then downtown went down, big time. Buffalo was like a city suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer – a goner.

What a wonderful transformation. I felt as if I were walking around in downtown Toronto. Our local politicians (who I usually abhor) really got it right this time. They brought Buffalo literally back from the grave! I can’t tell you how impressed I was with all the revisions. Please, for goodness sake, don’t stop now.

Matt Derr


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