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What They Said: Transcript of Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan prior to Tuesday night's practice

HC Rex Ryan

Alright, obviously the first night practice of the year. I always think it’s great to be out here.  We get huge attendance normally for these. So, I think it elevates the players, you know, the way they play and the enthusiasm, so, that’s going to be fun to watch. But, with that I’ll go ahead and open it up for questions.

Q: Now that you have Reggie Bush under contract, what are your plans with him and what are your thoughts on you know getting him under contract?

A: Well I think first off, when we knew we had a—you know, when it looked like we were going to have an opportunity at him, or for him. I met with Greg (Roman) and I met with Anthony Lynn. And then obviously on special teams, I think you know, for us we’re going to give him every opportunity to be our punt returner, number one, you know, our primary punt returner. And then offensively we’re not just going to say hey look he’s our back up running back because we feel great about our running game. You know obviously Karlos (Williams) won’t be – he’s suspended for four weeks. But, I think when he’s healthy and he’s going, that’s an outstanding, you know, second running back. but then we have other guys, as well, we’ve got (Jonathan) Williams that we drafted, we’ve got (Mike) Gillislee, we’ve got, you know, a bunch of guys who-- James Wilder (Jr.), Boom Herron – so we’ve got some confident backs. So, I’m not bringing in Reggie, we’re not bringing in Reggie just to be the number two back. We’re bring him in to do specific things with him offensively, put him in certain packages, but I want him fresh and quite honestly I want to put a little fear out there with those, you know, defenses. When he’s on the field, you better have your antenna up because we know that he still has special abilities. I don’t think he’s ready to be the, you know, every-down back like he used to be, but he doesn’t have to be here. We’ve got the bell cow, you know, we’ve got LeSean McCoy. So, I think we’re excited obviously as a team. I know I’m excited to have him and for him to bring his talents here.

Q: He’s good to go for practice and he’ll be out there on the field today--

A: Yeah, he was out there catching punts and everything else. You know, how much he does probably won’t be a whole lot. He’ll be going the wrong way but, eh, so are others.

Q: Hey Rex, can you give us – what is it three days now—three-day look at how EJ (Manuel) has performed? What did you see? What did you like? Is it same old EJ or what are you seeing there?

A: I mean it’s hard to say. We haven’t, you know, scrimmaged or anything. I know, at times he’s thrown the ball extremely well. So, you know he looks great to me, you know, that way. He’s still got that presence, you know, in the huddle, and at the line of scrimmage and things. But we haven’t really taken advantage of, you know, some of the things that he does, really as well. But as we get going on, I think the scrimmage will be our first real glimpse into, you know, how guys are progressing or things like that, if you will.

Q: You said you’re comfortable with three guys you have, will that remain the case? I mean do you feel like these are the three guys you can go into battle with this season?

A: No question. I feel real fortunate that, you know, to have the quarterbacks that we have, absolutely. You know, now you hope everybody stays healthy and you know we’ll sign up for that. But yeah, absolutely I feel great about it. I think we have, in my opinion, a special guy as our first, you know, our starting quarterback. I think EJ is more than a capable back up. And then the young kid is, you know, Cardale (Jones) is doing a nice job as a third. You know, he’s got that bazooka for an arm. He’s kind of learning and things. Sometimes he’s not setting his feet where he throws, but once he throws it, it’s like you know wow he’s got some serious arm-talent. So, I think he’s in an ideal spot. You know, you bring in this young man to learn and be the three for the first year and let’s see how the season goes. But, we don’t need him to have everything, you know like he’s grasping everything right now because I think it’s a little much. But, as, you know, our situation, as a total group, I feel great about it.

Q: Rex, I know you mentioned that Reggie wasn’t going to be handed the number two running back spot. Is Karlos (Williams)’s spot on the depth chart and roster safe?

A: Well, yeah. Obviously we feel good about, you know, Karlos. If there’s-- you know, you never say never on things. But there’s going to opportunities for others to have an impact on this football team and we’ll see what happens. But, we’re not going to give up on Karlos Williams, I can promise you that.

Q: So, you mentioned punt returner, kick returner is still a question. Are you considering looking at Reggie as a kick returner?

A: Well, it is. And that’s a possibility, but again I don’t want to overdo him right now. Let’s see where he is and, you know, if there’s somebody else, you know, that can fill that, that’s great. But, that’s definitely a possibility.

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