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What They Said: Buffalo Bills training camp transcripts of Reggie Bush, Richie Incognito & Eric Striker

RB Reggie Bush

Q: How’d it feel out there?

A: It felt good. Coach put me in a couple plays, got a chance to get my feet wet, and break a sweat and it felt really good to be out there. I think the main goal and focus for me today was just to go play football without thinking about coming off of the injury and trying to protect my knee and kind of second guessing myself. I felt like I accomplished that today.

Q: It looked like you were inside sticking it on the ground and getting the burst. Did it feel good?

A: Yeah, it felt great. The knee feels good, it responded well especially making those cuts on turf; it’s obviously the biggest test coming off the knee. It felt good, it felt strong, and I didn’t have any issues.

Q: In 11 years in this league, you’ve been in a lot of different offenses. Is this one, the terminology, the verbiage, the philosophy, different than others you’ve been in?

A: No, it’s not. (A) West-coast offense is a west-coast offense. A lot of concepts are the same. Even a lot of names of the concepts are the same so going through the playbook the last few days, I’ve seen a lot of things I’m very familiar with. A lot of route concepts and names of plays I’m very familiar with, so I’m not going to have any issues of picking up this playbook pretty fast.

Q: Talk more specifically about your role here, with the special teams and offensive aspects.

A: I feel good. We talked, we had a long talk, me and Rex and the offensive coordinator and the running backs coach and we just talked about just making sure that I’m available to play for 16 games and just keeping me fresh. And also for me, letting them know that I’m ready for more of a workload as well. Right now, we’re just taking baby steps and take it one day at a time.

Q: What do you do extra to try to get caught up to speed on the playbook? Do you meet with Greg Roman a little extra?

A: Yes. I meet with the running backs coach when we have some free time. We have a day off tomorrow so we’ll meet tomorrow. I’ll be here, we’ll meet tomorrow. We’ll get some extra time in the playbook, studying the concepts. I’ll do some on my own as well tonight, tomorrow. I’ll be caught up by the end of the week, for sure.

G Richie Incognito

Q: So, are you prepared to ask Rex (Ryan) for a finder’s key?

A: (Laughs) No. The finder’s key is Reggie (Bush) scoring touchdowns on Sunday, you know. He’s a dynamic player and I really think it’s a great fit for him. With our backfield, you know, it’s kind of a lot of question marks in there. And, you know, we have Shady (LeSean McCoy) he’s the established, number one guy. I think Reggie as a dynamic playmaker can come in and, you know, G-Ro (Greg Roman) can really scheme up some situations to get him in some open space.  

Q: There’s been a little bit of talk about, you know, possibly throwing a split backfield in there. With the versatility of Reggie (Bush) and Shady (LeSean McCoy) and then the thought of them being on the field at the same time, can you even fathom the type of headache that would kind of present to opposing defenses?

A: Yeah, no doubt. I think that’s an offensive coordinator’s dream right there, is to have both those guys on the field and have defenses sitting back, like how do we cover these two guys. So, it’s good to have them on our squad and in our stable.

Q: Veteran guy coming in, he’s coming off a knee – or coming off an injury. So, naturally, there’s people right away want to doubts. You know the guy, how’s he going to respond to that?

A: You know the guy has a tremendous work ethic, his work ethic is—it’s up there with Tyrod Taylor. You know, our time in Miami, he got traded down to Miami and the guy was the first one in, the last one out, he spent extra time in the weight room, extra time in the training room. You know, he knows how to take care of himself he’s a pro and, you know, I expect him to hit the ground running.

Q: You know they’re pacing the vets. You’re coming out of first-team reps, Eric (Wood) also. So, I know that’s really not in your nature. So how are you it navigating that, knowing that’s not in your nature?

A: Yeah, it’s one of those things where, you know, we’ve got a ton of reps in this offense. And, you know, the coaches are being deliberate with our reps right now, you know, keeping our pitch count right now a little low, and we’re going to build. But, you know, there’s a method to their madness and I believe in the coaches and the training staff and I’m going to follow what they say.

Q: How is it different having Tyrod Taylor as your starter this year coming into camp?

A: Yeah, it makes a world of difference, you know. Last year we were having a three quarterback battle and this year we have Tyrod, who’s our guy. And you know, the whole offense can grow around him and he has plenty of room to grow in this offense. So it’s nice now that he’s the guy, and it’s nice, kind of, hitting the ground running.

LB Eric Striker

Q: When they told you that you were getting first team reps, what was your reaction? 

A:  Well I was like “Wow! That’s what’s up.” That opportunity here. Let’s try to take advantage of it. And you know me, let’s go out there and play my game. Don’t think too much. You know, you’re out there with the ones, so just play your game. So I was trying to be out there and be relaxed and play my game and that’s what I was doing

Q: You were inside in OTA’s and minicamp. Now you’re outside. Do you prefer one or the other? Are you more comfortable at one or the other?

A:  Before we started here, coach Bobby came to me and told me that they were going to move me outside. Totally different person. I mean from OTA’s and to now, I feel like I’m at home right here. Coach has been saying “Man Striker, you’re at home, huh?” You know, everybody be saying “Striker at home man.” You know the outside spot is definitely what I do best. But I’m pretty versatile. Could do both but I’m definitely loving it. Like blitzing is like in my blood.

Q: The blitz pickup drill. You had success in getting past running backs. You feeling going up against guys like LeSean and Karlos and Reggie helps you in that area?

A: You know we’re taught as linebackers, you see a one-on-one in college, when I saw a one-on-one with a running back it was like oh. That was like being free, you know? Off the edge it’s like hmmm no running back block me. You know, we’re just out there competing, you know, and having a good time and I’m just trying to gain respect and show the coaches I can do it. No matter if it’s LeSean or whoever. Reg or…I’m really out here just really having fun and running around like see this is a happy guy like when does he stop? He happy all the time, energetic. Like Strike, you ever have a down time. You wonder what I do alone in my room when it’s just me. I won’t let you guys know that.

Q: Are there any things you don’t like? You say you like everything.

A: What I don’t like? Man that’s a broad question. It’s like what’s your weakness? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

Q: You said this offseason that you didn’t know what could make a buffalo wing so special. Have you found out?

A: I knew that question was coming. Look at the cameras. As soon as he asked. You know, I think one thing that people, when they get to learn who I am and all, a very humorous and funny guy and I think that I offended some people and if I did I do want to apologize. I’m never out to offend anybody. I’m always just trying to have a good time and at that point I haven’t tasted Buffalo wings. So it was really, you know, a joke. But you know how it’s taken. And it was just a misunderstanding. If I offended anybody, I apologize cause wings are bomb. Who’s in my generation? You know what bomb is right? It’s good. Some of you older cats don’t know what bomb means. Man we went to Duff’s man. I got to go in the kitchen. Man, we whipped it up. I made some nice honey spice. Put a little suicide on there, but not too much. But yeah man they’re great. I’m loving it. You can’t eat too much, you know? Stay in shape. But I’m loving it. Wings. Had a good time today.

Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

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