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Power Take: When rosters are stacked, alpha dogs lose their allure

Whether they be the mid-aught Yankees, the 2011 Phillies or the LeBron James Heat teams, superteams with loaded rosters deserve to lose.

Now we have the Warriors, so stacked, Sports Illustrated reported, that when an NBA front office used analytics to run a season simulation, the Warriors posted 83 victories. The NBA plays an 82-game schedule.

Golden State’s roster warped the computer.

The only way to watch the Warriors this season is to root against the evil practice of trying to buy a championship.

The Warriors’ feel-good story from two seasons ago started to turn when bounces didn’t go their way in the postseason. Draymond Green kept kicking dudes in the junk. Stephen Curry pouted. Anderson Varejao flopped like a Ben Affleck film every time somebody blinked within a 10-foot radius.

So the Warriors signed superstar Kevin Durant to get them over the hump of – I guess – not being able to repeat.

And now anything less than 83 wins will disappoint somebody’s confused hard drive.

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