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Letter: There is far more good in world than we realize

There is far more good in world than we realize

Recently I was talking to a friend who was lamenting the sad condition of the country, and it expanded into all the ills plaguing our world. I shook my head in conciliatory agreement but something inside of me was not totally on board. I was distracted watching volunteers, children and families enjoying activities at the Queen of Heaven carnival. I was engrossed with their preoccupation for the simple fun, life and the business that venue commanded.

Later, when numerous people amassed from unknown locations to commence tearing down the midway, I appreciated the work, coordination, camaraderie and love that assembled all of this energy and interest into producing such a remarkable event.

Early the next morning, I joined another amazing group of people dedicated to the Bread of Life Outreach Center in Colden hosting its weekly Farmers Market. Again I was overwhelmed by the effort, work, coordination, dedication and sense of community that these people lend to our world. Lend is a poor choice of words because this is given so freely, and purely for the betterment of our small corner of the world.

There are some sad realities that we seemingly get bombarded with almost daily: shootings, ISIS, political turmoil, civil unrest, anger, fear and so many people struggling to obtain the basic necessities of life. No wonder my friend sees despair; it is what surrounds us day in and day out.

I know that newspapers and news stations can’t report just “good news,” so to keep perspective we need to be vigilant to the small goodness and community building that occurs every day around us. There is far more good in the world. We should contribute something of ourselves to enhance that community building and positive force, which will make a difference in us and in the world.

Martin McMahon


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