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Letter: Republican platform is certainly not fascist

Republican platform is certainly not fascist

I am writing in response to a July 27 letter in The News. The writer makes the spurious statement that the Republican Party platform is fascist, and that Republicans want a “theocratic, patriarchal, white supremacist corporate state,” not a democracy. This is an obvious case of someone allowing personal prejudice to get in the way of objective fact.

The actual platform the writer decries as fascist insists on more limited government, an end to corporate welfare, protection for women’s health and financial security, as well as honoring of Indian treaties/return of control to the individual tribes. While not exhaustive, this list provides specific examples debunking her claims, specifically her accusations of patriarchy, racism and cronyism.

Perhaps the next time she will actually exercise some intellectual honesty. I personally doubt it, though.

Brett Dumain


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