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Letter: Our nation will survive messy political process

Our nation will survive messy political process

To the Americans who bemoan the fact that we are fated to choose between two candidates who leave many desiring more or, in fact, any alternative: Take heart in the excitement of this political theater we are witnessing and be proud as an American for our messy political process. It is unique to our character as a nation.

This election hearkens back to the many raucous and contentious elections in our historical past. How can you not enjoy the political conventions with all their intense advocacy for the candidates and principles subscribed to by the various factions of the right and the left? Is it not wonderful to live in this great country of ours?

Come November, our long political process will bring forth a nominee to take the helm and navigate this ship of state forward for the next four years. Historical context tells us this republic will continue its inexorable, inevitable march into the future, as it has done for over 225 years. If you are unhappy with the results of this election cycle, just wait four years. We’ll be fine. Hey, did you watch Michelle Obama’s convention speech? As I said, we’ll be fine.

Thomas M. Rapp


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