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Letter: Don’t subject your pets to heat, festival crowds

Don’t subject your pets to heat, festival crowds

On July 23 I went to Canal Fest in Tonawanda. It was a very hot day. I believe the temperature was up around 90 degrees. People were milling about at around 1 p.m. and what did I see? People with their dogs. They were walking their pets in the street, where the asphalt is soft due to the heat. These animals were panting and breathing hard. I am asking why? Why do you insist on bringing your pet to these outdoor activities? It’s not fun for them; just look at them. Did you know that the pads of their feet will burn?

This is animal abuse/cruelty. These people need to be held accountable. Law enforcement at these outdoor festivals should have the right to issue tickets to these people. Let them pay a fine and they may get the point. Leave your poor animals at home! Enjoy our area’s outdoor summer and fall festivals but please leave your animals at home. It’s cruel and abusive.

Myra A. Snyder

Cherry Creek

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