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Letter: Trump has lofty goals but no concrete plans

Trump has lofty goals but no concrete plans

When I read the headline on the July 22 front page, “Bold speech spotlights threats faced by nation, plans to confront them,” I eagerly went to read this article first. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

There are no plans put forth by the Republican nominee. Donald Trump has a long list of goals, including helping union workers and other low-wage Americans, restoring law and order, and promising to control violence at home and abroad. These are not plans, nor are any plans listed anywhere in the lengthy article. I read it twice, looking for the plans and the way to achieve these goals, and never found them.

Worse, these goals are not even unique. What politician would say that we need more violence? Or more lawlessness? Or that the working population should be ignored? As I read the article, I was extremely disappointed that he seems to have no clue how to achieve these goals, with the additional disappointment that the New York Times reporter does not seem to understand the meaning of the word plan.

William J. VanDewater Jr.

North Tonawanda

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