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Letter: Misogyny doesn’t belong in White House message

Misogyny doesn’t belong in White House message

When I was young, I learned a pretty basic lesson: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Donald Trump, apparently, did not learn this lesson. Instead of treating others with respect, he calls women “bimbos,” “dogs” and “pigs.” He tells them they would look good “on their knees” and that they wouldn’t have a job if they were “beautiful.”

We should not reward a misogynist with a vote for president. We need a president who will fight for reproductive freedom – for paid-leave policies and access to abortion and contraception – so our families can get ahead. Trump refuses to support such policies. So I refuse to support him.

Not to mention, he is racist. What kind of example is Trump setting for our children, who should be learning about a fair election process? What are they seeing? A presidential candidate to be proud of? Is Trump a candidate we would want our children to emulate? Do parents have to childproof all stations to protect their children from all the dirty politics of his campaign?

I wish things were different. But the way things stand now, I am afraid this will affect how future elections will be run. Dirty politics should have no place in the campaigns of presidential candidates. Please, fellow voters, Trump cannot/should not be our next president. Make America great again. Do not vote for Trump.

Kathleen Ciolek


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