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Letter: Ignore media, polls, vote your conscience

Ignore media, polls, vote your conscience

Given Donald Trump’s inspiring speech at the Republican Convention, and all the mainstream media posturing for Hillary Clinton, I have a list of five things all potential and actual Trump voters should start doing to prepare for the Nov. 8 election.

1.) Ignore and disregard the flatulent hit pieces the media will seek to put forth about Trump.

2.) Ignore and disregard the perpetual polling announcements about how the race is going.

3.) Live our lives, and operate our affairs, as our own consciences dictate.

4.) When/where appropriate, get together with fellow citizens and ask them if they believe their interests will be served better with a member of the political insider elite, or if maybe they would be better served by giving a non-establishment person a try.

5.) On Nov. 8, don’t just vote for Trump/Michael Pence; proceed to vote Republican all the way across. No vote-splitting, no vote-mixing. And be ready and willing to get rid of longtime friends this way if that’s needed.

At the very least, taking the first three steps would be a very good and strong start.

Lloyd Marshall Jr.


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