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Letter: Equip Buffalo police with better firepower

Equip Buffalo police with better firepower

Recently there has been much rancor regarding arming the Buffalo Police Patrol Division with increased firepower (AR-15s) to confront the increased instances of mass carnage caused by individuals equipped with similar weapons. A recent News editorial asked, “Why purchase weapons for a circumstance that may never occur?”

In the areas of the country where it did occur, interviewed residents were shocked and surprised it happened there. Is Buffalo some kind of shielded “magic kingdom”? I support the Police Benevolent Association’s request for the weapons.

Has Buffalo become so politically sensitive that it’s easier to provide a politically correct funeral than the politically incorrect firearm? In the near future, because of political correctness, the Buffalo Police Department will be staffed with undereducated and underarmed officers – a no-win situation. Let’s hope Buffalo can remain the City of Good Neighbors.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island

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