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Letter: Cops should not protect bad apples in their ranks

Cops should not protect bad apples in their ranks

Politicians, usually on the right, say that Muslims should help to police themselves by informing on family, neighbors or friends whom they feel are becoming radicalized and/or may pose a threat to the community or country.

Police officers also owe the communities they swear to protect and serve a duty to police themselves, and inform on those within their ranks who are unfit to wear the badge due to their biases, prejudices, fear and/or unworthiness or unwillingness to do their jobs.

They know who the bad apples are – even before they commit acts that land ordinary citizens in jail. Stop covering up for bad apples. It only gives all police officers a bad name, when all don’t deserve it. If the bad apples came to expect punishment for their bad behaviors, they will either stop the behavior or find other employment. The community would be safer, and the good apples’ jobs would be easier.

Patricia R. Jones


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