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Letter: Comey lacks backbone needed to lead the FBI

Comey lacks backbone needed to lead the FBI

In a June 20 letter, I called FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into the Orlando shooting, killing 49 innocent Americans, “pretty poor police work.”

Now Comey reports that Hillary Clinton’s emails contained classified information, and that she was extremely careless, reckless, grossly negligent and compromised national security. He covered nothing regarding the Clinton Foundation in his speech. Then he walked off as reporters asked questions.

No criminal charges were filed. Comey’s opinion, “No reasonable prosecutor would prosecute this case,” is far from true. Many reasonable, competent prosecutors with this evidence would be negligent not to press criminal charges.

I now change my assessment from “pretty poor police work” to “gutless political hack.”

Richard A. Montesanti

Retired Chief of Detectives

Niagara County Sheriff’s Department


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